Smashed avocado with hint of mango

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Difficulty : Easy

Ingredients :

A ripe and ready avocado

Handful of chestnut mushrooms ( halved )

1 slide of wholemeal toast

A pinch of olive oil

A pinch of oregano

A pinch of garlic salt

A pinch of mango powder

A squeeze of half a lemon

Method :

1.Pop the toast in the toaster for about 2 mins

2.Take a fork to  smash the avocado and add mango powder ( ensure that it is ripe or it wont smash 🙂

3.Heat a pan, add the olive oil and then stir fry the mushrooms for 5 mins

4. Add oregano and garlic salt on the mushrooms and stir fry for 2 more mins ( until they turn brown )

5. Time to assemble : Add the toast to the plate, add the smashed avocado, mushrooms and squeeze little lemon over the top and enjoy 🙂






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