Spicy French toast


You must be wondering why its called a ‘french’ toast, whereas you wouldn’t  come across this during your visit to France. To be honest, this toast has been a household favorite and not sure how it came around to be called the french toast, but, since we grew up with this reference, its too late to change it now 🙂

Difficulty : Medium

Ingredients :

2 eggs ( free range eggs would be better )

4 slices of wholewheat bread

1 tbsp of whole milk ( diary alternatives can also be used )

1 green chili

1 clove of garlic

Handful of fresh coriander

1 tsp of coriander powder

Pinch of salt & pepper

1 tsp of oil ( I used olive oil )

Method :

1.Use a grinder to make a paste with the green chili, fresh coriander, garlic and keep aside.

2. Take a bowl, add eggs,  milk, salt, pepper and stir it all up with a fork rigorously

3. Heat a pan, add some oil and wait for 2 mins. Simultaneously, add the paste made in step 1 to the egg mixture and beat again ( only with a fork ).

4. Take a slice of bread , dip it completely in the egg mixture and add it to the pan. Let it cook for 2 mins and flip it over for the other side to cook. Leave it for another 4 mins till its cooked to your liking and repeat the same with other slices.

5. You are ready to serve. Best enjoyed with a chili sauce :-).


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