Carrot juice with black salt

So, Indians are not very famous for juicing, but, believe it or not, there is a juicing kart around every corner in New Delhi. The difference is that like everything is, it is spiced up :-).In this case, with black salt. A classic ingredient in vegetable juicing back home. 

Difficulty : Easy ( Equipment – Vitamix professional + strainer ) 

Ingredients : 

3 whole peeled, washed ,chopped carrots ( medium size )

2 easy peelers ( small oranges ) 

1 cup of water 

1 small piece of ginger 

A pinch of black salt

Method :

1.Whizz it all up for 3 mins at a high speed 

2.Take the strainer and put the juice through that, if you didn’t want the fiber in your juice. Alternatively, if you prefer with the fiber, you can have it after you whizz it up directly.

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