Dark red porridge with flax seeds

When I moved to this country, I had a porridge obsession as I needed something warm to get me out of the door in the morning. However, what was missing from my porridge was the color and the fruits. Therefore, I started to stew my fruits and will share a variety of fruits that I play with. Had shared the blueberry version last week and here is the raspberry version <3. I also sprinkle flax seeds which is a high source of omega 3 and homemade chocolate peanut butter porridge for the protein. This recipe here is a plant based version.

Difficulty : Easy 

Ingredients : 

1 pack of raspberries

1 cup of oats 

2 cups of unsweetened almond milk ( whole / semi-skimmed milk can also be used )

 1 tbsp of honey 

1 tbsp peanut butter ( I used homemade chocolate peanut butter but a normal one would also taste just as good ) 

1 tsp of ground flax seeds 

1 tbsp of water 

Method :

1.Heat a milk pan, add the porridge , milk and leave it to simmer for 8-10 mins. 

2.If you like it very thick then you can simmer for little bit longer but the idea is to keep it on the heat till it comes to a consistency as preferred by you. 

3.Take another milk pan, add the raspberries with a water and let it simmer for not more than 2 mins. You wouldn’t want it to be completely squashed. 

4.Time to assemble:-). Add the cooked porridge to the bowl, gently add the stewed berries on the side , add a the peanut butter , sprinkle the flax seeds and finish off with the honey. Its ready for you to enjoy and get all warmed up 🙂

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