Perfectly creamy ‘scrambled eggs’

Morning brekki before heading out to  work…On special demand by my partner ❤ 

I got scrambled eggs right after a 3rd try, so, this can be slightly tricky if you take your eyes off the pan. The key is to stir, take it off the pan and then on the pan again and then enjoy….:-)..

Difficulty : Medium ( Equipment needed : A pan and spatula ) 


5 eggs ( serves 2 ) 

1 tbsp of butter 

1 tsp of chopped parsley 

6 cherry tomatoes on the side ( optional ) 

A generous pinch of salt , pepper 

1 tsp of milk 

Method :  

1.Turn on the heat and on a side, break all the eggs in the pan along with the butter ( dont break the eggs when the pan is on the heat but before you put it on the heat ) 

2.Take a spatula and start stirring. After  1 min of stirring, take it off the pan and keep stirring for 10 secs. Put it back on the heat, continue stirring for another 1 min and then take off the pan and keep stirring for 15 secs.  

3. You will start to see the egg thicken up slightly. Put it back on the pan for 1 min and then take it off the heat. Immediately, add the milk to let it cool off. Remember, the eggs are still cooking as the heat is within the pan. 

4.Add salt, pepper and give it a last stir to mix it all up. Sprinkle parsley on top, add it on top of any toast of your choice and serve with roast cherry tomatoes on the side. Enjoy 🙂


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