Poached egg with spicy beans,tomatoes and onions

Saturday is when I love a late breakfast and experiment with food ❤

Difficulty : Medium ( Equipment : Milk pan and a wok ) 

I was looking to get inspired with a recipe where I wouldn’t  have to eat carbs first thing in the morning. Moreover, was keen to combine spices with poached eggs and make the slightly exciting. So, here is the outcome ❤

Ingredients : 

2 free range eggs ( I use organic ) 

1/2 tin of black beans in water  ( 200 gms)

1 pack of cherry tomatoes

1 large size red onion 

1/2 ripe and ready avocado 

Handful of fresh coriander 

Pinch of coriander powder, salt and  pepper 

1 tsp of oil ( I use rice bran oil ) 

Method : 

1.Warm up a wok and add the oil. Once it heats up, add in the onion, stir fry for 2 mins and then add 1/2 tin of black beans ,  chopped tomatoes and coriander powder. Stir continuously till it starts to dry up a little bit. It would take about 5 mins or so. 

2.On the side, bring water to boil in a milk pan. Break the egg in a glass first. Create a whirlpool in the milk pan with a fork and keep stirring. Then gently add the egg from the glass into the corner of the pan. Take it off the heart for a sec , take the spoon and try to keep the egg together with the white. 

3.Once your egg is semi-cooked, you can take it off the milk pan and follow the same procedure with the other egg too. As, this recipe serves two people. 

4.Time to assemble. Add the black bean and tomatoes mixture as the base, top it up with your poached egg, add the sliced avocado and add salt and pepper to taste. And then DIG IN ❤

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